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Find the top tax preparation services in Richland, Benton County, WA & throughout the Tri-Cities area

You can turn to us for a wide range of tax planning and tax preparation services in Richland, Benton County,Washington and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. Learn how the business entity you choose and the type of loan you take out can affect your taxes now and in the future.

We also offer the following accounting tax preparation services:

  • Individual and business tax returns
  • Non-profit tax returns
  • Payroll taxes
Get the financial statement preparation, succession planning or tax preparation help you need by calling 509-943-1040 right now.

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Increase your wealth through business consulting

Before you buy a building or another company, turn to Christensen King PC for sound business advice. Business owners throughout the Richland, WA & Tri-Cities area trust our business consulting services. Our clients include:

  • Farmers
  • Construction companies
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Real estate agents
  • Investors

Take advantage of our breadth of knowledge and learn how to increase the value of your business by setting up a business consulting appointment today.