◇ Tax Preparation Services ◇

Make things easier by scheduling accounting services in Richland, Benton County, WA & the Tri-Cities

As a business owner, your to-do list is already full. Finding time for tax planning and filing is a challenge. Christensen King PC offers accounting services for all your tax preparation needs.

We've been helping clients manage their financial needsfor over 30 years and rely on 100+ years of combined experience to help you make sound financial decisions. If you're looking for trustworthy accounting services in the Richland, Benton County, WA & Tri-Cities area, you've found them.

◇ Investment Services For Your Future Success ◇

Investing is an excellent way to make your money work for you. Christensen King & Associates Investment Services, Inc. offers investment services in Richland, Washington, Benton County, and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. You'll learn:

  • How much you'll need to get out of your investment to make it worthwhile
  • Which investment opportunities offer you the greatest gain and the best security
  • How to set up your investments on a timeline that works with your future plans

Increase your wealth starting today. Arrange for an investment services appointment today with one of our Investment Advisors.


◇Wish you could keep your bookkeeping services in-house?◇

Give your staff the training they need to help you succeed

Hire an experienced Tri-Cities-area bookkeeper to train your staff. After completing our training, your bookkeepers will know how to handle payroll deposits, payroll taxes and other responsibilities like professionals. You can also count on us for QuickBooks training.

Talk to a training consultant today by calling 509-943-1040.

In today's ever-changing markets and complicated tax laws, an experienced and trustworthy financial advisor is more important than ever. At Christensen King PC (our accounting company) and Christensen King & Associates Investment Services, Inc. (our investment management firm), we bring tax preparation, accounting, financial planning and investment management under the same roof. Christensen King PC has passionately served the Tri-Cities area since 1985.